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An eye/fish on the hook; the logo represents my inherent and irresistible attraction to images and my profound desire to create truly ‘eye-catching’ ones.

Art Director

In editorial illustration projects like in the field of communication I enjoy being able to give the client exactly what they are looking for, breathing life into their ideas. I also love finding the ideal patron for the realization of each of my projects.

Creative Mind

I feel the need to experiment, work in teams, change my style and role, and always meet new people with whom to collaborate and discuss new ideas. It’s my goal to unite a group of professionals to work towards a shared visual idea which will have coherent and effective results.


I’ve always seen creativity as the key to change our reality, to imagine a better one or to show its critical points. PAPER PASSIONS is not only the name of my blog it’s also the expression of my love for paper in general and for the delicate textures imprinted on banknotes or encoded in maps.