I was born in 1969 in Florence.
Always on the lookout for new creative stimuli, attracted to all forms of artistic experimentation, I’m always reinventing myself by confronting various people and tasks.

After graduating from the Istituto Statale d’Arte in Florence with a diploma in Graphic Arts I became an illustrator and in 1995 – together with Simone Boni – I co-founded and managed the INKLINK studio which quickly became internationally known as the place to go for non-fiction and archaeological illustrations as well as instructionally designed museum illustrations.During this time I’ve worked with a team on a series of illustrated maps including the Monumental Map of Florence.

I’ve taught archaeological reconstruction at the University of Siena and the University of Florence and also taught non-fiction illustration at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Florence.

In 2011 I started working as art director in the marketing/communication department of NEXUSCOM srl. I was responsible for redesigning the company’s logo and corporate identity as well as develop the on and offline client communication.

Since 2013 I’m the director of the newly founded communication agency NoName, based in Florence.

In 2011 a personal artistic journey began for me which led me to explore the economic crisis and how to fight it with creativity.